Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The 4 of Hearts
By Grace O’Reilly

He saw my picture on a friend’s laptop
“Who is she?” he asked
“She is taken” our friend Leah said
But that was in the past

A few months later he met me in person
He as nervous as a child
I then single so he had a chance
And this did make him wild

I at the time knew nothing about him
Though he knew loads about me
Neither of us knew that only months later
He would get down on one knee

“I have got to woe her”, he thought
I really want her heart
“Pick one and don’t tell me which one”
His hands full with a deck of cards

It was the 4 of hearts I chose
When he did his magic card trick
While taking his heart too, I did not know
Was it love or was it magic?
With a beautiful baby girl
2 years almost we are wed
He is the love of my life

Thanks to the 4 of hearts in red