Tuesday, 22 October 2013

OCT 2012

Today is a miserable grey day in October.  It’s wet and dark and next week is Halloween.  This is going to be Olivia’s second Halloween.  She is almost 21 months old and is all chatter and running about the place.  As I write this, sitting on my couch in the family home in our sitting room, Olivia is running around in her nappy, Peppa Pig Top and a pink knitted cardigan in her nappy watching Dora the Explorer and asking if Mummy is on her laptop.  She says “Mameee, puter” and grins at me with her big sparkling eyes.

Earlier today, we went down the town in Gorey, Co Wexford to do some errands around the town, while Daddy got some much needed shut eye before his night shift today.  He is a security officer and on Wednesdays he also had First Aid before work making it a REEEAAALLLY long shift.  Olivia hates Daddy going as much as he hates leaving her.  She’ll say to me “Mummy, Daddy gone”, and vice versa with Simon if I’m not here for some reason.  While out earlier we popped into Aldi and as we don’t own a car loaded some small bits of shopping on top of the buggy, while in the queue.  Olivia decided NOW of all times in a busy lunch time rush was the best time to start playing “chuck all the shopping on the ground one by one” game.  As soon as I’d pick one thing up, out flew another shopping item.  Thankfully there was nothing breakable.  It wasn’t her being naughty, it WAS genuinely a game to her.  I text Simon who was NOW just up to make me a strong and much needed and earned cup of tea and to pop “Doctors” on RTE 1 for me.  When I got in he changed Olivia and gave her, her afternoon bottle before her nap.