Thursday, 21 August 2014

Untitled 21/08/2014
By Grace O’Reilly

Feeling fed up and tearful as I write.  Just ate a  Rocky caramel bar and 3 tea spoons of Aldi type Nutella.  Ben hasn’t been well for the last week.  Only gone a year a month ago he has been sick a week now,  diarrhoea, vomiting and sore throat.  Initially we thought it was a tummy bug as everyone has had it.  Then yesterday when the runs were still “ascuttering” we cancelled his appointment for his 13months injections and booked him an appointment with the GP instead.  She said that Ben had just a sore throat and that was it.
Then today he was cranky on and off.  He was in playschool in the Baby room for a trial 20 minutes and wailed for his Mama.  I was at reception anyhoo filling in paperwork he size of Mount Everest for Ben and his big sister Olivia when the phone rang saying little Benjamin demanded Mummy NOW!!!!!!  The poor pet.  Nothing a chocy doughnut from Tesco couldn’t solve.  We met Daddy at the bus stop and gave him a radiant smile when we handed him a double choc muffin for the bus ride to work.  We then said Bye Bye as Daddy’s bus came in sight and went off to continue our errands around Gorey town.
We got Nanny some flowers and had a cuppa with her and Grandad Alan.  Then we went on to collect Olivia from playschool and go to Aldi before coming home.
The Gorey Community School’s Debs was tonight and all the students were dolled up to the nines in glamorous celeb-like dresses and the guys in suits.  Olivia initially thought that it was people getting married and then said “Oh wow Mummy, look at all the princesses in their pretty dresses”.  She saw a girl in a yellow dress and was like “Excuse me, are you Belle or Cinderella?”.  She saw a white stretched limo and thought that it should be a horse drawn carriage and was so upset that she couldn’t go to the ball and to disco dance.
Ben had only eaten half a sausage and I gave up with his shrieks as his poor appetite has been over the place at the moment.  When he took his antibiotic projectile vomit landed everywhere drenching him the table, chair and floor.  Poor Olivia was shocked that someone so small could produce volumes so big, gross and explosive (never mind the other end)!!
Into the bathtub he went and Olivia devoured the end of her ice cream cone I made her before splashing into the bath with her baby brother (not afraid that he may explode again at any time).  No she just washed him with her Daddy Pig soap (from Peppa Pig) that her Aunt Susan.  It was very cute as the two of them splashed and played and laughed in teh water.  I then took Benzo out and dired and changed him and then Olivia.  They had some Heinz baby buiscuits and watched Fireman Sam on Netflix while poor Moi cleaned up the aftermath of Sir Benzlot’s explosion in the kitchen.
The two monkies now in bed I made myself a microwave Aldi lasagne (not Unislim friendly L ) and ate it and chatted to Simon at work.  He’s having a rough night on the job.  I made him dinner before work and for work and sambos and made the kids meals and even put a love note in Si’s lunch but I make meself a measly microwave meal.  NEED to look after moi more!!!!
My friend gave me a ring there and cheered me up it was just as I started to type this actually.  My frame of mind has changed and I am now happier.  He told me he is in love and I love him so much and have wanted this for him for ages that I am bursting with happiness.  So thanks for making me happy and smile.  Won’t say names.  Don’t want to embarrass the lovebirds. :D
My sister Karen rang me for a chat there and made me laugh.  The things she comes out with.  She is I swear the female version of Peter Pan.  I have never known an adult more childlike than her (other than me lol).  She got excited trying a new ice cream variety today in Bray’s gelateria, nutella.  Yum!!!  Ah thanks Karen!!!  She is very good, she sent me a nice letter and card in the post and I got it today.  Meant a lot.
My aunt Avril made me a lovely bracelet so can’t wait to wear that.  She is mad into the looming at the moment wit the loom bands.  Very talented is Avril.  That cheered me up too when I looked at the pictures she sent me of them on my mobile which she gave me.  Thank God for the cello taped wreckage I was using before had definitely seen better days.

 Ben and Olivia are sleeping soundly and when I finish this I will have a quick shower and get into bed with a camomile tea and read some of Louise Phillips last novel “The Doll’s House”.
Writing really is therapeutic and so is chatting.  I hope Ben feels better tomorrow.