Sunday, 12 October 2014

Halloween Murders
By Grace O’Reilly

The stench was repulsive.  The house was eerily quiet, but far from empty.  Rats and insects, feasted on the rotting bodies of two grotesquely mutilated adults.
Detective Steven Walsh was overcome with queasiness, and hurled into a pot plant on the bookcase in the living room.  Ironic that the victims, stone dead were found in the “living room” of all the rooms in the house.   “I think these bodies have been here awhile Stevo.  Just as well you skipped the breakfast roll today”, Joe Moore playfully mocked and patted Steven on the back.  Steven took a tissue from his trouser pocket and wiped the vomit away from his mouth, still coughing as he did so.  His face was ashen grey, almost the same colour as the deceased. 
The house was jam packed with people everywhere.  Forensic scientists in their white hooded one-piece suits, looked around for any traces of evidence that would give even a shadow of an explanation of what happened to the two dead people.  They had gloves on their hands and were checking the floors, ceilings, walls and every nook and cranny they could possibly think of checking.
Police guarded the front door of the house and the front gate to warden off the public from being nosey and about the place.  The garden was sealed off with yellow and black tape telling people this was a crime scene and do not dare to enter.
Outside there were three news vans, a reporter and a cameraman, pushing and shoving and trying to ask questions and were politely told to bugger off and come back later.  The photographer just carried on clicking and flashing this and that until he was told “another snap and I’ll snap your camera in two.  Now off you go Mr Clickity Flash”.  The television crew in the vans were from BBC, Sky News and ITV and were having none of it.  “What do you think happened inside?, said a woman dressed in a dark suit.  They could not take no for an answer so security intervened and told them enough was enough and that a statement would be made later.
The date was November 11th 1999.  The place had been decorated with Halloween decorations.  Skeletons, witches and ghostly figures and cobwebs were everywhere.  At the front door there was a pumpkin, carved with an especially eerie looking face and a now burnt out candle in the Jack O Lantern.  There was a sign on the door saying “TRICK OR TREAT, ENTER AND PREPARE NEVER TO EXIT”.  Joe turned to Steven and said “I bet they never would have entered had they known the dign was serious”.
“Any leads?” Joe asked, handing Steven a bottle of water back in the car.  Steven said he reckoned that there was much more to the sign on the front door than met the eye.  Joe turned to Steven and said “I bet they never would have entered had they known the sign was serious”.

The telephone rang at the police station at 3.15pm.  It was a man called Nigel Wallace and he said it was him who had killed the two girls.  He said “the voices in my head told me to do it”. 
Nigel had met Kelsey and Ailbhe in a bar in the town.  It was one of three public houses in the small town of Ambersville, in Enland as it was a very rural town.  Kelsey and Ailbhe were 22 year old students and dressed provocatively and teasing Nigel.  They had gotten on really well at first, chatting about this and about that and then things got really nasty after a few drinks.  Kelsey asked Nigel “I bet you have never had a serious girlfriend before.  I mean, em look at you”.  She had gone on to slag off Nigel and the fact that he was a 35 year old loner with no friends or family that didn’t talk to him had really wound him up.  Ailbhe had tried to calm them both down but they were really laying into each other and things were getting really heated until the barman chucked the three of them out of the bar and told them they were “barred and not to come back.”  Nigel then sheepishly apologised and invited the girls to his house for a Halloween party.....
They had walked the short distance to his house in the countryside.  He had the house decorated for Halloween, with ghouls and all sorts as if had anticipated that he would indeed have company back.  “They didn’t mean it”, he had told himself.  “They could be your friends”.  However the voices in his head had then turned sinister and said “They must die, the evil bitches”.  Ha, how appropriate as it is Halloween, the night where evil lurks in every direction.  “Evil bitches, dressed as slutty witches.  Kelsey deserves what she get the whore, and well poor Ailbhe, she’d only go and blab to someone so go she must” the voice informed Nigel.

He offered them a drink.  While in the kitchen alone, he took some of his aunts medication which he had kept for no good reason, until now.  He made them vodka oranges and spiked their drinks while he did so.  He figured that he would drug them first and then see what the night brought about.

Nigel returned to the living room and gave the girls their drinks but he made sure that he had a pain orange.  He took Ailbhe aside while Kelsey was in the loo.  He whispered in her ear “So sorry for this” and before she could say anything or in fact knew what was going on, he suffocated her by the pillow she had lay against on the sofa.  When each limb went limp he knew that she was dead.

Kelsey returned from the loo and mocked “Ah Ailbhe, she is never one to stay awake on a mad night out”.  She looked like she was asleep in the chair the way her body was slumped.
Nigel then put a track on and said “Dance with me”.  He took Kelsey in his arms and leant in to kiss her and then he stabbed her in the back with the Stanley knife he had taken from his tool box while making the drinks earlier and had secretly hidden in his back jeans pocket.  Kelsey’s eyes watered and she yelped and crumpled to the floor.  He then slit her throat ear to ear while she struggled to breathe, and when she had rattled her last he started to saw at her neck to decapitate it but got bored half way through the process.

He went to town tidying and cleaning up any evidence that he could think of and then signed himself into the local mental hospital.  That was where Nigel Wallace had telephoned the Police to inform them of his crimes. 
The girls had been found when a postman had smelled something peculiar and foul coming through the letterbox. The postman Mr Johnson had presumed that Nigel had died and was inside alone for days.  There was no mistaking the smell of decay and rotting flesh.  He could even hear the buzz of insects as they gorged on the young female human remains.  The postman had been right about the smell but horribly wrong about the circumstances.  He had called the Police on his mobile opening up the murder case of the two girls.

Ailbhe and Kelsey’s parents were distraught.  Weeks later their parents were finally able to bury their bodies (what was left) and lay the girls to rest.  Nigel Wallace was found guilty of murder for the 2 girls but also said not to be of sound mind so avoided jail.  However he is in a mental institution to this day where he will remain until he dies so in a sense is imprisoned.

Joe and Steven marked the case “CLOSED”.  Joe said to Steven “If there is any justice at all that Nigel Wallace will rot in Hell literally, when the sick bastard dies”.  They got up from their desk and headed out the door for lunch, ready for whatever the next case may be.