Thursday, 5 September 2013

By Grace O’Reilly

A teenchy  little baby.
His head as furry as a peach,
With dainty little hands
And dainty little feet.
A set of piano fingers.
A set of footballer toes.
A set of tiny ears listens when we talk or sing.
Dressed in blue our Benjamin,
Our tiny baby King.
Suckling on his bottles,
His baby royal feast,
Lots of milk, here and there
to feed our royal beast.
He is always hungry
And wakes up in the night
I wish I had a glass of white
Yet he gets his bottle of white!
Your older sister adores you
And so do Mum and Dad
Your sister and you are so precious
The best things we ever had.

Love you both forever,

Mummy and Daddy xx