Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July 30th 2014
By Grace O’Reilly

Well today has just been one of those days.  Katie, one of my dearest friends rang me to bear me with the bad news that  one of our other friends and longest I may add, her Mum  passed away last night after a long battle with the dreaded C word, cancer.  My love goes out to Yvo, Dave and Paul at the loss of their Mum.  Muriel will be missed.  I have known her since I was 4 years old and to this day Yvo swears (although I can’t remember) that I ran out of the bath tub but naked and told her and Mur that I was going to be a stripper when I grew up and that was when I was about 5.  Needless to say I didn’t become a stripper of any kind, not even the wall-paper stripper.
I was minding my friend’s son for a few hours and between him, Olivia and Ben was ran ragged.  He drank milk for me and his Mum was even shocked for he never drinks milk but when little Sean realised that Spiderman LOVES milk well he went bananas for it.  Those bone, those bones do need calcium.  Sara watched Livi for a bit and instead of relaxing Ben has had a temperature all day.  So the good old Nurofen (strawberry flavour) and Calpol are doing their job FINALLY as he is JUST asleep.

Olivia got out of Bed earlier and fell and hit her eye off her princess bed.  She looks more like Bruised Ella than Cinderella the poor pet.  It looks like Mike Tyson or Katie Taylor popped in for a visit.  She will certainly be POPEYE come the morning.  My mother in law came up to assure me that Olivia was ok.

It’s 9.30PM and I have just eaten.  God whoever knew that us Mums need to eat (in the minds of a 3 and 1 year old I am simply invincible).  Goodness knows they didn’t know how close I was to eating them.  Having just devoured a microwave meal (not my usual I swear, although admittedly whilst at age 30 I am not a Jamie Oliver but can now according to my hubby Simon do a really good scrambled egg) and much needed glass of vino, I retired to my new office to write this piece because my new goal is to write SOMEthing everyday. 
Thanks Aunt Avril for a chat and your usual words of wisdom I need to hear on a regular basis.  Avril is not only my Aunt in law but a true  friend helping me through so much of late.
My bath is just about ran so face mask and bubbles her I come.

 Goodnight !!!! zzzz xxx